February 25, 2017

Louis' Selfie Event

Hey Everyone!
Wow, our furiend Louis has another cool event fur us today!   He's doing a super job with the A&E department and couldn't wait to pawticipate with him again.

Today we celebrate the selfie.    All kinds of artistic and creative selfies.   Here's my chic, ultra modern, attempt at a hip and happenin' selfie.   BWAR HAR HAR

Be sure to link over the LOUIS to see his official post today.   

Grr and a Creative Woof,

February 18, 2017

Snacks on Saturday...Chewy Style

Hey everyone!
Wow, happy Saturday to everyone in Blogville!  BOL  

So, today I have a snacker to review for you.    Courtesy of our bestest furiends at Chewy!

Hey Dad....I got mail!!!    Oh, I love it when a blue Chewy box arrives!  

Okay, this is cool.   I get to sample Greenies.    I like all kinds of dental treats, so I'm anxious to see how these taste. 

These look healthy and tasty.    Chewy has a wonderful collection of products fur all of us.   Lots of foodables and treats.   And, their peeps are amazing!    Deliveries come right to the door.   And my peeps say the prices are great too.     Chewy is a fabulous company and they take great care of all of us in Blogville.

Back to the snackers....    As you can see, these are indeed super-tasty!    They smell good and I really like them.    I happily give these 4 paws way up.   And my peeps like anything from Chewy.

Thanks so much,, for letting me try these and give an honest review.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Snack Fan

February 14, 2017

Valentine's K-oss

Hey Everyone!
Wow, this is such a fun day here in Blogville!   It's time for Murphy and Stanley's big Valentine's K-oss Party.

Now, I'm one lucky pooch, because my date is the one-and-only, KISMET!!     She's one fabulous, feathered, fun and feisty gal!   BWAR HAR HAR     I'm gonna have my paws full keeping her entertained today.    I know we're having a wonderful time together.

Be sure to click on over to The Doods for the official party post!

Here comes the action...

 Here is our official glamour pix!   Oh, she's decked out in her finest bling and looking so very lovely.    Her sparklies are perfect for her feather color.     She's a knockout!

 The banquet hall looks so great.    We had such a great time wandering around and mingling with our furiends.  

Oh, Kismet, you're a riot!!!   BWAR HAR HAR    Help yourself right up onto the table, girl, and get right into the foodable action.   BOL     No one will mind and you'll get first shot at the delish treats.    Wow, we're having so much fun!  

Well, since dinner's over, it's time for the informal fun!!   Yup, we're getting out of these fancy outfits and getting ourselves ready to ROCK THE HOUSE.    OMD I can't wait to hit the dance floor with my gal, Kismet.    She's so much fun to be with!!

We are a couple of party animals fur sure!     This party's getting wacky and wild now.   We're gonna raise the roof!

Holy cow, Kismet!    You can seriously shake-A-tail-feather!    BWAR HAR HAR    No kidding, furiends, this gal can really DANCE a jig.    I can't keep up with her.  

Oh, BTW I gotta take a minute today to thank my furiends, Lee and Phod!   They sent me the coolest Valentine.   Check it out...
 BWAR HAR HAR  The paper is made from elephant poo....that's BOL funny!
 Lemme see, Mom!
Oh, it's a Mr Potatohead policeman!    That's so cute.   Thanks bunches Lee & Phod!

Okay, and back to the K-Oss party!

 How about this move?!?     This is the wildest dance time ever.     I'm nearly worn clear out....nearly!  BOL

BWAR HAR HAR!    Check out my wild and crazy date!   She's clear up on the disco ball spinning around with the party lights.     Sure wish I could fly up there too.   

Okay, the night's almost over...time for our big finale!      Hang on, Kismet!!  Grab some tail floof and I'm gonna swing you around and around the floor.      Oops, there went your hat.   Who Cares?!?   This is the bestest.    Hold on for one more swing around......WHEEEEEEE

Holy cow!  We've danced for hours and hours.   Kismet, you're the wildest party gal ever.   BOL   We've done the Chicken Dance, The Bird, The Funky Chicken, Walking the Dog,  The Fly,  heck we even did the Turkey Trot!    In between, we managed to Frug and Watusi a little too.  

I ended our date like a true gentledog and gave her a special bouquet of flowers...bird of paradise.

Well, we really had a great time.    I'm sure all of you did too.  Be sure to link all around Blogville to see the other action around the party.    Thanks so much, Murphy & Stanley, for hosting a super party!

And, thank you Kismet for being one wild and wooly, fun and crazy, exciting and lovely date for the evening!    I had so much fun with you and I hope you did too.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge and Kismet